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SMS inaccessible

I have a user where SMS is not available. How can I make this feature available to her?

aackah by Listener
  • 1 replies


Is it possible to send and receive sms via zoom.If yes then what are the ways forward to carry out that task

macnekx by Listener
  • 1 replies

unable to upload a CSV FILE -POLL questions

i downloaded the CSV template and when i tried to upload it , i always get an error message....Since yesterday I am unable to upload CSV files (containing poll questions) Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

PL3 by Listener
  • 4 replies

Linux app missing chat formatting

In the Windows/Mac desktop client, chat formatting is available (bold, italic, bullet lists etc). In the Linux client I only have the option to format as code. When will the Linux app reach feature parity with the other clients? This is a pretty anno...

Zoom Chat - notifications but no message

Hi all - new to the community so please be gentle! From this morning, our company has found the floowing issue started. On WIn 10 device with Zoom app....A notification pops up advising a new message has been receivedAfter selecting the notification,...

kenth by Listener
  • 4 replies

Email not a link

Am I missing something? When I'm chatting with someone and I type in an email address, I expect that address to show as a link in the chat window. If I add a URL into a chat message that address shows as a hyperlink. Why doesn't an email address show...

Zoom chats saving is frustrating

Hello everyone! I used to use Zoom on an old Mac and therefore I was using an old version. Now that I upgraded my Mac and using the latest version of Zoom I find saving zoom chats really frustrating. I am a language teacher and I use the Zoom chat du...

Resolved! Transfer executable file via chat file transfer

I work for a software development company and we have the need to send program updates to clients frequently. Sometimes, these updates include executable files. If I zip up files and part of those files is an executable, the zip file transfers via th...