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Resolved! Schedule Group Chat Messages

Hi,Do you guys know if there is a way to Schedule Group Messages?I send various messages regularly to my group and it would be great if I could skip always posting them manually.Reminders are a great option in the Chat but I would like to schedule th...

Ner by Listener
  • 15 replies

Turning off Team Chat or Team Chat notifications

I can't stand Team Chat.Ideally, I'd be able to disable Team Chat entirely—my team and I have absolutely no use for it, and I've gone as far as requesting nobody comment during meetings in the in-meeting chat to avoid further notifications. At the ve...

dont by Listener
  • 12 replies

decrypt zoom chat message fails

Dear Community,unfortunately Zoom is not able to decrypt messages form an external contact person. The message shown is (the system has german language) "[Dies ist eine verschlüsselte Nachricht]", (translated) "[This is an encrypted message]".A red e...

In team chat, what causes a video to be embed or not?

We post lots of videos in the chat and sometimes, they're embed and you can preview them just by clicking the play button, sometimes they're not embed and you have to download the file and open it separately outside of Zoom. I can't seem to figure ou...

Inline code formatting in Team Chat

Is there any way to format code inline in the Team Chat? I know there are code snippet and quote features, but they're for at least one full line. Sometimes, I'd like to just mention a function name inline, like foo(). This is commonly implemented us...

Resolved! Zoom Team Chat

My company uses Zoom Team Chat as a means of instant messaging. Can my boss see messages to another colleague that I sent to that colleague privately over Zoom Team Chat?

Mention notifications in zoom chat

I thought before in older builds of Zoom, when you were mentioned in team chat (@username) I thought there was an option to make your screen flash or there were more noticeable notifications. I have low vision and sometimes I miss notifications to th...

n0th1ng by Listener
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Autocorrect - annoying feature

I am using Zoom to contact a client. I am polish speaking person, so my primary keyboard settings on my OS is set to polish. But i am using english to communicate with client. Zoom is autocorrecting some of my words when i am using english into polis...

tblahut by Listener
  • 3 replies