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What are Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings are a simplified video conferencing solution for an optimized virtual meeting experience. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Meetings conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Meetings support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Free zoom account

I heard free zoom account after 40minutes, i need to wait for 10min b4 i can restart the free session. Can anyone advise if this is true?

Virtual Logo/Foreground while on cam

Not sure where the suggestion box is, or whether this is the right place to bring this up, but-- It would be great if Zoom could add the ability for an individual user to set a logo or virtual foreground while on camera, regardless of the user's chos...

Resolved! Stop Synching Google Calendar with Zoom

I want to stop synchronizing my Google Calendar with Zoom to stop receiving calendar notifications through the Zoom app. But on the web portal, when I access Settings > Calendar, it shows a blank page. I already reloaded it, but it never works. Can y...

leongrin by Listener
  • 11 replies

URGENT! Regsitration Link Not Working

I had to purchase a Large Meeting add-on to an existing recurring Zoom Meeting. The meeting is tonight. Despite purchasing the add-on, the recurring registration link is still not allowing guests to register for tonight's event.

Resolved! audio transcript

I have two Zoom accounts. One login using my own email address and the other login using my university. I mistakenly login with my own (private basic Zoom) for my research interview. This basic one has no audio transcription because I do not have the...

MayChew by Listener
  • 7 replies

Microphone drops on Meeting

My microphone stops picking up audio partway through a meeting. Normally around the 3 to 4 hour mark. Stages I've noticed are:1. Calls running normally, nobody has joined or left for a couple hours.2. Video goes a little fuzzy.3. Microphone stops tra...

Zoom scheduler

With Zoom scheduler, does each person who registers for an event receive a unique login link, or is a universal link generated that all registrants for that event receive? I'm wanting to avoid registrants sharing a link with others and having unregis...

How to change home screen

My Zoom previously showed: start, copy invitationNow it has four boxes - one orange and three blue how do i get back to my old screen please help thank you!

Mic Troubles

My Mic will not work suddenly in Zoom Meetings...!I can hear Audio but no Mic on my end....any suggestions?

Scheduled Meeting not displayed under MEETINGS Tab

hello...My local area of NA has a zoom account, as it was important to continue meetings (albeit virtual) during covid. I am the zoom coordinator (if you will) for said area; and one of the meetings I scheduled for one of our groups is not appearing ...

mark4man by Listener
  • 17 replies