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Audio during iPhone Screenshare

Hi Smart People! I have a need to screen share my iPhone during zoom meetings. One thing I've noticed is that when it's being shared, the audio from the iphone (for instance if it receives a notification) is played through my computer, rather than th...

Resolved! Multi-Spotlight for Cloud Recordings

The release notes for 5.10.3 state there is now support for Multi-Spotlight for cloud recordings, and that the recording will recognize and record up to 9 spotlighted participants in a meeting or webinar. Is there a setting either in our app or user ...

kjhartma by Participant
  • 1 replies

Need to display toasts on screen-share while demoing software

I am preparing to demonstrate software over screen share in a Zoom meeting. A feature being demonstrated involves displaying a toast notification to the user. However, toast notifications are not being shown in screen shares. I have not found a way o...

Unable to set power point as virtual background

Hello, I'm having trouble trying to set my presentation as a virtual background on zoom, I use Microsoft office but it says it requires PowerPoint to be installed on this computer. I'm not sure how that works because I'm unable to download PowerPoint...

Screen sharing ipad

When i share my ipad screen using air play it shows on the meeting but it's not showing when i watch the recording back, it was working fine last week but now it's not, anyone else having this issue?

Typ1tom by Observer
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Pro meetings vs. Webinars /Events

Hi there! We are trying to figure out if a Pro Meeting plan would work for the events we are planning, and can’t really figure out if we actually need to upgrade it to Webinar or not.We simply need to be able to spotlight two of the people during the...

Lildvl by Observer
  • 1 replies

How to take presentation file while giving lecture?

Hey! We are server providers which give services of gates and shutters for shops in karachiWhile giving lectures to our students they need access to online ppt files?Is there any way of controlling ppt individually as have screens to share. Please he...

jamcjej by Observer
  • 1 replies

Powerpoint Pausing need to show presenter

When sharing my screen to show some Powerpoint slides the viewers naturally see the slide and me in a small window. My problem is that I want to show a few slides, then revert to them seeing just me speaking and then repeat the process but if I pause...

RayGDW by Observer
  • 2 replies

Original Audio Delay

When sharing the original stereo computer sound, my collaborators start getting a huge amount of delay on that (up to 5 seconds!). On the other hand, both the screen and camera video and microphone audio have a decent amount of latency (<500ms). Why ...

highdom by Observer
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