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Want to grow your business?

We are Hello BD Agency is an Award-winning Digital Agency that is driven, devoted, and passionate about producing top-notch results. We are an established digital agency with a focus on marketing, graphics, and website development. There are some hid...

Shared screen dimming

When someone shares their shared screen dims when theirs a bunch lines on screen. I turned on the setting and when the update came out I couldn't find the setting so I'm stuck with it.

Y_C by Listener
  • 1 replies

Zoom mouse issues from ipad

When I'm in the office I share my screen via the iPads that connect to our TVs. Whenever I do this my mouse will drift all over my screen, like there's some sort of interference, but only on the shared tv screen. On my laptop screen everything is per...

Bug since last update!

Hi! Through my institution, I use Zoom to give online classes, but, after an update from Zoom on 12th January (last Thursday), it keeps closing by itself whenever I try to share my screen, as if it was overloaded and needed to be restarted, and then ...

Resolved! Screen sharing now causes video to glitch like mad

I've recently updated to version 5.13.4 (11835), and suddenly when I'm screen sharing a video and sound, my own video glitches in a way I've never seen before. What I'm sharing is fine, everyone else's video is fine, but my video gets caught on a one...

Screen Share turns the microphone off

Whenever I use Screen Share, my mic greys out and turns off. Basically useless for meetings. I pay for Zoom Pro. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Seeing my picture after screen sharing

After I begin screen sharing a video, I see the video and do not see the participants or myself. My client sees the video, himself, and me.Is there a way to screen share videos and see my client and me on my screen??

Screen Sharing For Main Room and Breakout Rooms

We are piloting a co-teaching program in the second semester. We will have multiple teachers in one Zoom meeting with over 100+ students. Our administrators are wanting us to have them move in and out of breakout rooms like they would move around in ...

mhenson by Listener
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Sharing content- Crash issue- "Zoom closed unexpectedly"

I know this issue is a little old, but has anyone had this issue lately? During Zoom meeting my Zoom app keeps crashing and gives me a message saying "Zoom quit unexpectedly." I already updated the Zoom app, and changed the settings in Video Renderin...