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Side by side view

We are using zoom in a church setting. The host is one of our members who trims the recording and posts on facebook. The church setup is as a participant. We have two monitors and a projector. One monitor displays the presentation software, in our ca...

Error desplegando aplicacion Zoom a traves de Intune

Estamos intentando distribuir la aplicación Zoom en un cliente usando Intune.Para realizarlo seguimos los pasos indicados en su documentación correspondiente de zoomSe despliega correctamente pero tenemos un problema con las "Detection Rules".En su d...

Importing attendees to a meeting

I would like to use the Meetings platform for a Zoom event, but also want the ability to import attendees/registrants/ via a CSV or excel file - does anyone know if this can be done? Thanks

Resolved! EDUCATION ACCOUNT fatures

Hi,I want to know if the EDUCATION ACCOUNT has multi-language channel features for simultaneous interpretation.I've looked through the feature lists, but I couldn't find one myself.Does anyone know about it?Please help out. Thanks

jnooooo by Observer
  • 2 replies

Visual alert for people joining the waiting room?

Is there a possibility to have a non-audio notification that someone has joined the waiting room? I'm envisioning something similar to the orange highlight and icon change that occurs when someone enters something in the chat while the host has chat ...

mt104 by Observer
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Default Alternative Host

Hey all, I'd like to be able to set people from my organisation as alternative hosts by default. I often schedule meetings with myself, team members and clients.If I am unable to attend I manually have to make a colleague an alternative host - someti...

PP_DS by Observer
  • 4 replies