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Whiteboard and sharing the sound

Hi, after the update I am not able to share the whiteboard and the sound at the background at the same time. The option "share the sound" is visible but it is not possible to choose it. The button is locked.

Dawid86 by Listener
  • 1 replies

Zoom Taskbar (Toolbar)

This is on iPad 2020, using the Zoom app. After a year of getting used to having the taskbar (mute, video, end meeting, etc) on the side, the update today (24 April 2024) suddenly changed the taskbar to the bottom of the screen.I cannot find a way to...

Background Music During Whiteboard Collaboration

Does anyone know if it is possible to share audio while using the Zoom whiteboard template feature? Usually I just share audio when I want background music, but when using the whiteboard there isn't a way to utilize the share screen/audio without clo...

nanENA by Listener
  • 4 replies

Any hints to make the new whiteboards usable

The new whiteboards are really cumbersome. Has any one found any tricks to make them at least partially usable?What I would like to see are; - default to all eyes on me - make all eyes on me sticky - a quick way to jump back to sharing the previous w...

Zoom Tip

To edit a whiteboard, use the editing tools available located on the left side of the screen. Click and drag the icons to the canvas to draw, add shapes, type text, and more. For most controls, clicking on the canvas will then create an object of tha...