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Whiteboard with coordinate plane overlay?

Hi all, I use zoom to tutor students in math. Often I need a grid or coordinate plane as an overlay to the whiteboard. But, I don't know either how to drop an overlay - maybe a grid I make in excel - onto the whiteboard, where I'm still able to mark ...

Pointer on new whiteboard

I'm using the new Zoom whiteboard on an iPad - I don't see a pointer anymore to point to items on the screen? Does anyone know if this is still possible? It was a very useful feature of the old whiteboard.

post it notes and uploading pdf

Hi I am new to this platform. I need to learn if I can upload pdf file ( a book) and add post-it notes to it so I can do annotations on it for students. I have access to the zoom account used for the school, however, I created my own account so I can...

JJ24 by Listener
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Whiteboard - Handle for rotating shape is missing

When I click on an object using the Select tool, I do not see the handle for rotating the shape—i.e., the "double arrow icon in the lower left corner" mentioned on this Zoom help page in the "Rotate objects" section: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/...

Whiteboard problems.

I'm attending classes which use the Whiteboard function, all is usually well, although from time to time whiteboard just cant open. my connection is a-okay, zoom is updated, permissions are all there. It comes back with the error: "Failed to load pag...

Villius by Listener
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