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Personal Account Whiteboard

Hi there!I understand Zoom associate Whiteboard from my corporate account. However, my account doesn't have whiteboard capability because we don't have a OneDrive license. Could I link my corporate Zoom account with my personal account's Whiteboard?T...

Resolved! Editable Whiteboards

Hello, I have the pro account and know I have 3 editable whiteboards. How do I refresh those 3 credits? annually? or do I need to erase one of them to be able to edit another one? How does these 3 editable whitboards credits work?Many thanks in advan...

PDF Upload Button not Showing Up in Whiteboard

I'm a veteran Zoom user for my Math and Physics Teaching Company...and I'm THRILLED to see we can finally upload pdfs. I'm the only account holder, thus the admin. I have made sure the toggle is set to allow me (and my students) to upload pdfs and im...

Zoom & OneNote

Hellow,I'm using OneNote as a whiteboard during my Zoom meetings. It works better (it reacts faster when I'm writing or sketching) than Zoom's Whiteboard.My question is that if I share my screen on my Macbook and connect OneNote from my iPad, the scr...

Whiteboard Error

I used to be able to use it. All of a sudden I a cannot because I keep getting an error. I pay for zoom (do not have the free version). I have called customer support several times only to be placed on hold and I end up hanging up because no one ever...

EstelaW by Listener
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Is there a way to completely remove the white board option? We don’t use it and it is a pain to disable every meeting.

Mindy1 by Listener
  • 3 replies