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Text displays as question marks on whiteboard

We are using whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and I can read the text as I type but when I click away the text turns into question marks. About 1/3 of the people collaborating are seeing the question marks. I've checked that I'm using the same version ...

Background Music During Whiteboard Collaboration

Does anyone know if it is possible to share audio while using the Zoom whiteboard template feature? Usually I just share audio when I want background music, but when using the whiteboard there isn't a way to utilize the share screen/audio without clo...

nanENA by Listener
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Whiteboard Collaboration

Can anyone help me with Whiteboard Collaboration? I want to use Zoom whiteboard to teach my online lessons but I cannot work out how to give participants 'edit' access. I've tried by opening the whiteboard in the meeting and checking the 'allow users...

Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 15.40.46.png

Resolved! Pasting to zoom whiteboard

I am wanting to change to zoom to tutor students. I am able to past an image or PDF to the whiteboard, but the meeting participant is unable to. The upload button is greyed out for them. How do i fix this?

Writing with Wacom stylus pen no longer works properly

I have been using Zoom for for two years without having any problems using the Whiteboard or writing with the stylus pen.For about a month or so, writing with the pen no longer works properly. It does with other programs, but if I try and write somet...

Whiteboard Won't Allow Collaboration

Whiteboard worked fine last week - all those in the meeting could edit the active whiteboard. This morning, only I can (as the owner). I opened it as usual in "collaborating" mode. I've tried creating a new whiteboard. Again, other participants can o...

Zoom whiteboard

In present mode, I have a whiteboard with several pages. Is it possible to lock the other pages so that my participants can only view the page that I am on as you are able to when you normally share screen? Can I share my computer sound while present...

adam94 by Listener
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