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Zoom Web SDK whiteboard file upload

Whiteboard in Zoom Web SDK throws the following CORS error on file uploadAccess to fetch at 'https://nws.zoom.us/nws/das/api/v1/documents/XX/upload?name=360_F_159183621_0YTKAAqAA7GI7DlCBfYJ2wfKbC6Zf30V.jpg' from origin 'http://localhost:3001' has bee...

mghz26 by Listener
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New whiteboard problems

How can I show and work, using the OLD whiteboard with its options, instead of the new one (after the today's update)?I am a mathematics teacher and the new one looks amazing, but some of my students cannot open the NEW whiteboard - getting "Connecti...

Resolved! Whiteboard Collaboration

Can anyone help me with Whiteboard Collaboration? I want to use Zoom whiteboard to teach my online lessons but I cannot work out how to give participants 'edit' access. I've tried by opening the whiteboard in the meeting and checking the 'allow users...

Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 15.40.46.png

Zoom & OneNote

Hellow,I'm using OneNote as a whiteboard during my Zoom meetings. It works better (it reacts faster when I'm writing or sketching) than Zoom's Whiteboard.My question is that if I share my screen on my Macbook and connect OneNote from my iPad, the scr...