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Zoom Meetings - Pro Tip #2: ✋🏼 Raise hand for informal questions

We likely all know and use the Raise Hand feature to take informal polls or to signify to the host or presenter that you have a question, but this Pro Tip will detail how to use Raise Hand in a slightly different way. In our own weekly team meetings,...

Bort by Community Champion
  • 2 replies

Windows 11 / low system resources

Since upgrading to Windows 11 (regular end-user track--nothing Insider), I've found a Zoom session (using the Zoom client) often eventually produces a "Low system resources may affect your audio quality. Try closing some applications to improve perfo...

Oneota by Observer
  • 3 replies

Unable to set up an account with my company email address

I have attempted to set up a new account using one of our company emails. I have set up three other accounts that are similar names but have sequential numbers assigned to each of them The first account starts with the name h...

ZOOM Application lost control after 10min

Using Windos10 with updated KBs // Using ZOOM App with latest verion WHile join meetings lost the control (cannot control any meeting icon chat , share , so on) and other pee cannot see my camera or screen // Untill do end-task the rejoin again then ...

Change the account a specific ongoing meeting originates from

Hello!There is a meeting in my community that has been ongoing the whole pandemic. The account that the meeting is scheduled through will no longer exist starting next month. I want to move that meeting to my account without the address link of the m...

Cbrock by Observer
  • 1 replies

Audio sharing

When somebody is playing audio using the "screen sharing/advanced" facility, we've noticed that if a participant speaks, sometimes the audio cuts out (or at least goes much quieter) until they stop, and then is restored after a few seconds; but other...

Shared screen - gray box

Hi, Particpants in my meeting see black boxes where I see Zoom pop ups (eg: particpant's videos, share screen bar on top of the page, etc). I tried using seetings to unselect 'optimise video' options etc. Please assist on how to resolve the same.

SeemaC by Observer
  • 1 replies

Large Meeting - Einstellungen

Hallo, Ich habe ein Meeting für nächste Woche geplant (ohne PMI) und die Einladung bereits vor 2 Wochen verschickt. Da ich nun gemerkt habe, dass ich zu viele TN haben werde, habe ich heute meine Lizenz PRO um eine einmalige Large Meetings Lizenz erw...

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