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Registered participants are being redirected to register again



I have hosted an event where I had a number of registered participants, who I approved were unable to join the meeting.  Every time they tried to use the ID and enter the password they were redirected to register.

I have tried this myself and ran into the same issue.  

What would be the cause of this?  It is disappointing as we could have had a larger turnout.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @JosephK 


If you are using registration, your participants must use their unique join-link sent in their registration confirmation email. This directs them to the meeting using their registration.


If they use the plain Meeting ID and passcode, Zoom will treat them as a new participant - and prompt them to register.





Hi @Rupert 

Thank you for your reply.  I know this myself and apparently, this was not the issue as they were using that link.


Thanks for replying to this.  How could we request Zoom to change this?  My students are also having this problem.  It's very confusing to have a meeting ID and password arrive to their email after register that doesn't give them access to the class but instead asks them to register again!  It makes no sense at all.  I'd like to request Zoom to please change this setting.  When they get the confirmation email for the class, they should be able to use either the link, or the ID and password to enter the meeting.


100%. If the manual credentials don't work, Zoom should not include them. Conflicting messaging is awful UX.

This is unfortunate and confusing. I'd like to be able to remind meeting participants, at the last minute, of their zoom link. Is what you are saying that each registrant will have to go back and find their initial email, possibly from many days ago, to avoid having to re-register?


Hi Heidi, This issue seems to have been cleared up in one of Zooms updates. I am no longer having the problem.


I have had this same issue!


I had this issue the last time I hosted a webinar with close to 500 participants. Dozens of them had to reregister after clicking the unique join link Zoom sent them. I need to find a solution to this, because we can't have this happen again.


Sorry!  I replied to the wrong post.


We had this same problem today where everyone who had registered got a reminder email with their unique Zoom link and ALL who tried to get into the meeting clicking the zoom link were sent to the registration page. This is the first time I've had that problem. The last time I set up a meeting that required registration was 5 months ago so what has changed and how do I fix this. Those who have registered should NOT have to register again to click on their unique zoom hyperlink to get in the meeting. This meeting meets for 10 more weeks so I need to figure this out before next Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @JosephK @PatriceWA @joelexico @JHC-Marketing @NAMISCC I believe there has been a fix to this issue. Can you please double-check to see if this issue is still occurring? 


Suggest looking into the Knowledge Base Article on Zoom registrants stuck in loop to see if this resolved your issue. 


Thanks and looking forward to your reply! 🙂

Zoom Community Moderator

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I haven't retested this, because I stopped requiring authentication to join. Since then, attendee complaints have been minimal. That said, forgoing join authentication has complicated/muddied attendance reporting post-session, as a fair number of users mistakenly join via a different account than the one under which they registered. (I.e., they register with one email address, but join while signed in with a different email address, or join by phone.)

All our new registrants this year 2023 did not have any problem getting into the room with their unique zoom link. So I am assuming the problem has been solved.

Is that with authentication enabled (sign-in required)? And you're using Webinars, not Meetings?