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Voicemail Directory Search Space

Hello, is it possible to create a voicemail directory search space so when callers reach the directory, they can only search for users (by name) within said search space?

CaseyD by Listener | Zoom Partner
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Play recording to outbound call

I have a Zoom Phone - Sales user wishing to play a recording to active call when ever they reach a clients voicemail. Is this a option available for this, if so it work with soft phone or require hardphone for button bypass for speaker to microphone.

Delete voicemail in Zoom client

When a voicemail is deleted in an email client (outlook for example) voicemail is deleted in Zoom. Other phone systems are able to do this I was very surprised to see Zoom is not able to do this. This is a inconvenience to all users as they need to m...

acbalk by Listener
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Anonymous inbound calling

We have a Voicemailbox for compliance, and we can't capture any data that could be tied to an employee. Is there a way to have a VM box not capture the who called #.. or anyway to mask it only for the one number? Thanks!

RickCH by Listener
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Poly VVX 350 Configuring Key

Hey All I have attempted to configure a Poly VVX 350 using the Provision template in zoom, I want to configre the VM key to just dail *86 vs going through the menu. This is what I have tried so far. Both of these methods have not worked so far.