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Participants joined as Panelists

During the webinar, our system encountered a bug wherein it failed to capture the email addresses of the participants. Compounding this issue, several individuals inadvertently joined the webinar as panelists. In an attempt to rectify this, we urgent...

Resolved! Mobile browser restrictions for Simulive

I saw it mentioned that "users can't access simulive from a mobile browser"I haven't not made the investment into the package to test this, but does this translate to mean that:If I send an email out to 300 registered attendees for a simulive webinar...

iphones and panelists

Good afternoon,I am new with webinars but just had a panelist say she couldn't log in while on an iphone. Is this correct? If so, are there any workarounds? She was able to attend by phone by the attendees link but of course I couldn't promote her be...

Host code for webinars, like a meeting?

Is there a way to share hosting abilities with panelists, similar to that of a meeting? I am asking to have a back up plan in the event that myself (as the host) for a webinar, was not able to do so. How can I pass this authority to someone else in m...

katmh21 by Listener
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What cause panelist links to change?

I have just run a webinar in which the panelist links had changed between the time I ran the practice session (a few days earlier) and the live event, fortunately I spotted in time and circulated the new links, what would cause the panelist links to ...