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Zoom Webinar license falling off

We are facing an issue where Zoom Webinar licenses are “falling off” users when set in Zoom. Essentially Okta is matching the user to “licensed” and then removing additional licenses not set in Okta.Is there a way we can have Okta set the license, bu...

PPTBJ by Listener
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zoom events: upload speakers bio via CSV

Dear Community, i would like to upload a session/speaker csv for my zoom event. ist there a possibility to add more speaker information other than just Speaker Full Name, Speaker Email, Speaker Company Name. I need to upload Speakers Biography, Title...

Lucia_ by Listener
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Empty parameters in webhook

We've registered an event for webinar start and end.Though we receive webhook calls from zoom but we do not receive any data parameters.The webhook is added along with the OAuth from Feature section.I will post the details in case required.

sabbas by Listener
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Zoom integration with Eventbrite

Hello,Experiencing an major issue with the March 2022 update on reporting practice, despite having an Eventbrite integration. The integration is supposed to share all Eventbrite attendee registrations with with Zoom and subsequently Zoom is supposed ...

Cursor Burst

I have a new windows 11 Dell 27" all in one touch screen. I do software demonstrations over zoom. When I use my touch to active a button on the screen, I would like it to show with a burst or black dot for my attendees. Can Anyone tell me how to do t...