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Disable collecting emails for Zoom Webinar

I am trying to host a webinar and when I share the link to my attendees, I don't want to collect their emails. However, every time I log into the webinar, I am prompted to enter my email and name. Is there anyway I can disable this feature? Please he...

Invite more participants than plan allows

Hi there,For an external livestream with around 1500 viewers, I would like to open a webinar for the questions and some contributions.There will probably be a maximum of 50 participants in this webinar. However, I would like to send the registration ...

Bjoern by Observer | Zoom Partner
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Not For Profit Webinar pricing??

We are a small Not For Profit using Zoom to run webinars for community. We only run around 4 meetings for under 100 people and 4-6 Webinars for 100-200 people a year. Wondering if there is Not For Profit pricing available for an organisation such as ...

Auspire by Observer
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How to add attendees using zoom event api

I am trying to develop a zoom event clone. I have created and published zoom event. Now I want to add attendees for my event. How do I achieve this. Here in zoom api docs, we can use ticket to add registrants but zoom ticket docs says it is allowed f...

Zoom Webinar Maxed YT Livestream

I set up a YouTube live stream for overflow for every Zoom I host. When the participant count is at the maximum, what message do participants see to direct them to the live stream? Are they auto-directed? Does the message provide the YT link? I'm wor...

jbanst by Listener
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Resolved! Fictious Persons Registering for Meeting

We hold a meeting 5x per year. Meeting invites are sent to our mailing list via Mailchimp. We also produce flyers to encourage those not on our mailing list to attend. We also post the flyer on Facebook and Instagram. Over the last 5 years of hosting...

AWMHAAC by Listener
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Registration Lists access

How do I download my registration list for a past meeting?I am a licensed user with up to 500 attendees for meetings.I am using a MacBook Pro computer with Sonoma 14.2.1.I can see who has registered and there are 10 pages of names and email addresses...