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Cohost Access to Webinar Participant List

Good morning! One team member in our organization is responsible for organizing/executing webinars, while I am responsible for taking the participant list and uploading it into our CRM for follow-up communication. She is currently downloading the lis...

Attendee view on a webinar using a mobile device

As a regular host of Webinars with up to 3000 attendees, I recently logged into on of our webinars on my mobile device to check the 'attendee view'. Most of our customers join on a mobile. My view as an attendee was 2 very small tiles at the top of t...

emma23 by Listener
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Zoom Participants

Recently conducted a webinar. A participant joined and then logged off. He was still shown as part of the attendees and was answering questions!! He says he had logged off all devices. How was he still seen as logged in and answering questions!! His ...

Speakers in webinar

Hello everyone! Could you please help me with understanding how correctly operate in a webinar in order attendances to see 2 or more panelists on a screen together, not one by one? Thank you in advance

Zoom integration with Eventbrite

Hello,Experiencing an major issue with the March 2022 update on reporting practice, despite having an Eventbrite integration. The integration is supposed to share all Eventbrite attendee registrations with with Zoom and subsequently Zoom is supposed ...

Japanese emails being supressed?

Our Japan team recently held a webinar and in the attendance report, there are no email addresses, just names, and attendance statistics (join time, session length, etc). The email column is completely blank, except our our company employees. All ext...

Tip: How to maintain eye contact in Zoom

Hi Everyone, Here is some discussion on how to maintain eye contact in Zoom using a teleprompter (to see your audience). Watch: About Office Hours:

Rupert by Creator
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