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Registered attendees can't enter webinar

I had a zoom event on Tuesday and over half of my guests could not join the webinar even though they had registered for it. I had lots of messages telling me that people were disappointed that they couldn't join. Some complained that the password wou...

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I set up a webinar and the confirmation for the everyone was correct except for one person. We all received 8:00 PM and another received 9:00 AM. The webinar was sent up for September 13 at 8:00 PM. The webinar was revised a few times. Can you please...

How to subscribe zoom for NGO?

Hello @Members, We are NGO in India, providing free personal development classes and social awareness to mass population (mostly 500 or above). These sessions are mostly conducted via online for mass reach. Could you please help us subscribe the disc...

abuadil by Listener
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Zoom wont Launch!

Hello I need my zoom to launch i have several platforms and I can only show/share on one news feed/platform. no good. this just started 4 months ago. and now today it stops and starts and pause during the meeting. please help me thank you. I have Ver...

Zoom Pro vs Zoom Business

I pay for both Zoom Pro and ZoomISO (Liminal bought by zoom)... Currently, it limits to 720p, I don't use 90% of the features, not mail, calendar, cloud, essentials, whiteboard... etc. I have been told that in order to have 1080p, I need to purchase ...

AskMP by Listener
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Webinar for Linkedin EVENT

Hello all, My company will be hosting a 1 hour event in our office which we have invited 50-80 guests. We would like to steam this via Linkedin as a webcast for those who want to join virtually. What is the best process to integrate ZOOM into the LIN...

ACERAUS by Listener
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Zoom Events Overview/Intro Mini Series June 15 and 22

If you are interested to learn more about Zoom Events, Sessions, and Webinars, please sign up for two awesome events we have upcoming! Zoom Events is your all-in-one virtual events platform. Single Session, multi-session, multi-day, virtual, or hybri...

EmersonS by Participant | Zoom Employee
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Resolved! Zoom Acquisition of Liminal

Hi Folks, I was very excited to see the announcement of Zoom's Acquisition of Liminal today. This really will be a game-changer for the future of highly-produced events, and HD video-pipelines, in Zoom - particularly within the new Zoom Events platfo...

Rupert by Community Champion | Customer
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Zoom Events "Conference" - Q&A session

Hello all, The new features of Zoom Events Conference with be discussed in "Office Hours" tomorrow, Friday November 5, 2021, at 10AM CST. This will be a live Q&A session. You are welcome to join. Office Hours is an external Event Production community...

Rupert by Community Champion | Customer
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