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I am hosting a meeting between the US and India and will be using an internet connection that is 4MB - 12MB. will that be strong enough to have a clear, consistent signal?

mfbrown by Observer
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Can I broadcast from 2 cameras at once?

Doing guitar/banjo instruction and would like my laptop webcam as an overall chat camera, but a separate webcam aimed at my fingers. Can it be done with a live Zoom broadcast? Or are the lessons I've seen on YouTube recorded/edited then posted? Thank...

M2112W by Listener
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Live Side by Side with 2 speakers

Hi I'm trying to set up a Live "meeting" with attendees. I need to know if I'll be able to have a side by side view with 2 speakers/presenters. Also need to have the ability to see comments for a Q&A after presentation.

Breakout rooms in Webinar - Recordings

Hello community, We are trying to organize a hybrid event (physical and online) using Zoom webinars. Our idea is to have a general session for everyone and then divide the groups into 2 different breakout rooms.My questions are:- I currently do not h...

Webinar host loses connection

I would like to understand what exactly would happen if I lose my internet connection during a webinar for which I am the only host (no alternative hosts or panelists). Would the webinar continue and panelists remain until I am able to join the webin...

VIEW: side-by-side

I am trying to use the side-by-side feature while doing a PowerPoint presentations. My wife has the free version and she had side-by-side. I have the basic paid version and it is not there for me. Please help!

TIOJAYY by Listener
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