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Cohost Access to Webinar Participant List

Good morning! One team member in our organization is responsible for organizing/executing webinars, while I am responsible for taking the participant list and uploading it into our CRM for follow-up communication. She is currently downloading the lis...

Zoom Participants

Recently conducted a webinar. A participant joined and then logged off. He was still shown as part of the attendees and was answering questions!! He says he had logged off all devices. How was he still seen as logged in and answering questions!! His ...

Resolved! Zoom Webinar - Cloud recording

Hi, I recorded a Zoom webinar last week and just went to check the recording but it only recorded on speaker mode. I read online that the default was gallery mode so I didn't confirm the settings (SO STUPID ON MY PART), but now the recording is missi...

Post-webinar survey not collecting responses

Not sure if this is something that isn't working, or just isn't a feature of Zoom. We hosted a webinar and had a post-webinar survey (in Zoom, not third-party) and then had the option to have the link sent out after the webinar ended as well. We didn...

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Zoom integration with Eventbrite

Hello,Experiencing an major issue with the March 2022 update on reporting practice, despite having an Eventbrite integration. The integration is supposed to share all Eventbrite attendee registrations with with Zoom and subsequently Zoom is supposed ...

Webinar Follow Up Email - Never Sent

I set up a "Follow Up Email" for a webinar I scheduled, and set it up to send "1 day after". I edited these settings the same day as the webinar event. I sent myself a preview of the email which I received without issue. After the webinar ended, I as...

PAST Webinar - email collection to view?

We have a Webinar that already happened. We can share the link to have people view it, but we want to collect the emails of the people who are viewing it. How can we require email address sign in, or collect the emails of people who would like to vie...