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Participants joined as Panelists

During the webinar, our system encountered a bug wherein it failed to capture the email addresses of the participants. Compounding this issue, several individuals inadvertently joined the webinar as panelists. In an attempt to rectify this, we urgent...

My first survey

I've started a weekly group meeting and am wondering how to schedule my survey to pop up at the end of the meeting for participants to fill in... It says go to surveys - survey options - edit - select show in the browser when the meeting ends But thi...

Marimba by Listener
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Zoom AI Companion Features for Webinars

Hi there Zoom Community, I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience or luck with using features such as Meeting Summary or Smart Recordings with Zoom Webinars? I am frequently setting up and leading multiple webinars each month for my company, bu...

smyatt by Listener
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Edit a survey title

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had an experience with this. I need to change the title of the post-event survey. Zoom automatically uses the event name and I need to know if this is customisable.?Thanks so much

Missing Different Types of Recordings

Hi! In the past when I've recorded webinars, it's saved several types of recordings: audio, just presentation deck screen, presentation screen + speaker(s) view, just speakers view. Unfortunately, I just hosted a webinar yesterday and it only recorde...

Format of the recording

Hello, In the past, we were always able to download a cloud recording with a 16:9 format for our webinar presentations in which the speaker was also visible. The image of the speaker was always included in the presentation. Now the speaker always has...