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How to ENABLE Webinar Attendee Count


We are trying to re-enable the Attendee Count feature to allow attendees to see how many users are viewing a webinar, after previously disabling it. However, it now defaults to the disabled setting, and we are unable to re-enable it.

In a Zoom Webinar Practice Session, I have been following these steps:

  1. Click "Participants."
  2. At the top of the Participants panel, click the "Panelists" tab, then click "More."
  3. Under "Allow attendees," select "View Participant Count."

Today, I tested it again in a "live" webinar, and it still defaulted back to the disabled setting. When I selected it, there was no change in the attendees' view. Upon exiting and rejoining the webinar, the setting was unselected again.

Are we unable to enable the Attendee Count view after it has been previously disabled? How can I make it default to show the Attendee Count in all future webinars?