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Participants joined as Panelists

During the webinar, our system encountered a bug wherein it failed to capture the email addresses of the participants. Compounding this issue, several individuals inadvertently joined the webinar as panelists. In an attempt to rectify this, we urgent...

New registration process

Has anyone else noticed that the change in the registration process from the old Zoom webinars to Zoom events has significantly reduced conversions and show-up rates? For example, on the old platform, we used to average 40% or so turn up rate for fre...

Pre-registering attendees

We had a list of 300 or so for our first "season" of webirs on the old Zoom Webinars platform. We recently converted to the new Zoom Events platform for our second "season." We uploaded the previous season to the new platform as pre-registered people...

Add to calendar options giving error 200 and 3001

Hello! I made a webinar and sent the links to the add to calendar option through our newsletter (we've done this before and it worked fine). This time only I can add the meeting to the calendar since I'm logged into the account that created the webin...

pshelp by Listener
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Require confirmation FROM registrant

I am looking to see if anyone has found a way to request a confirmation from registrants. This is a feature that Calendly has but I can't find a way to do it in Zoom for webinars (or meetings for that matter). See the image attached to how Calendly d...

Zoom events - create a new attendee email

Hello, I am preparing a multiple-day conference with Zoom Events (pay per attendee with a Business license).Is it possible to create an attendee email from scratch and customise the date/time it is sent? I would like to contact people who have regist...

Customizing Webinar Emails

Looks like there's been a big change in the way registration and panelist emails are created/edited over the past couple of months. The email templates are now different and even more generically poor. So do I now need to deal with all that HTML code...

JC64 by Listener
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