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Unable to upload from meeting cloud to simulive on zoom event platform


 We have licences for Zoom meetings and Zoom events. We have reocrded meetings for our zoom event and clicked on Simulive to add the video to our event. The video is unavailable and cannot be uploaded via events. 

Is there another way to add our videos to automatically play at a set time, or is there a way of making sure our zoom events platform and zoom meeting platforms are connected and using the same cloud? 



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hey there! Here's what I found:


Simulive via Zoom Events will only pull previously recorded Zoom Webinars. If the video you intend to use is a Zoom Meeting then you wouldn't see it. A couple of recommendations I have are:


1. Use Zoom Webinars instead of Zoom Events - The stand alone Zoom Webinar will allow for you to use Simulive using a pre-recorded Zoom Meeting.

2. If you want to continue using Zoom Events then you can play and record the pre-recorded Zoom Meeting in a Zoom Webinar setting. Because it is now recorded as a Zoom Webinar, this will now show in the Zoom Events Portal. 


I hope this helps. Thanks!