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Zoom Room Gallery View

Hi, I have Zoom Rooms setup in two of my conference rooms. One of the room display participants in Gallery View and the other does not. In the room that doesn't, I switch to Gallery View and it only displays full screen 1 person, not individual thumb...

Dashboard and rooms

Within the Dashboard is it possible to place a room under maintenance?Having it marked down or Red. when there is possible maintenance underway is not very helpful to ur statisticsfor ROOM uptime

JimD by Observer
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Resolved! Running a Microsoft Teams Meeting in a Zoom Room

Hello - We have a Zoom room w/ a Logitech Console connected to a camera w/ two big screens and would like to run Microsoft Teams meetings using the same system.We did everything in the following articles -

Adding zoom events to the main zoom page

I bought zoom events recently, but I have no idea how to install it into zoom so I can set it up. Can you please help? There isn't an option to launch. I thought maybe zoom events might magically appear inside my zoom account. I also login to the zoo...

Zoom Room OSX + iOS updates

Hello community,So what is the consensus regarding security and other updates on Apple based Zoom Rooms?Do you keep your Mac Minis & iPads Controller up to date? If so, plain and simple via Auto-Update or via some sort of MDM aka active management?An...

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