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Billing & Account Management Topics Cleanup

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

The Billing and Account Management board serves as a designated space for community users to seek assistance on matters pertaining to account access, billing and invoicing, subscriptions, payment methods, and other administrative-related topics. This space is intended for non-severe inquiries.


To enhance the board's organization, we are currently implementing a topics cleanup process aimed at eliminating irrelevant topics. This is intended to enhance the user experience by improving the searchability and discoverability of content.


During this process, you may observe that your post has been edited, as demonstrated in the following example below. Please be advised that this edit only involves the reassignment of the topic(s) your post was associated with to a more appropriate one(s). We assure you that none of your written content has been altered or removed.





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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?




To put it bluntly, I'm stuck. My company has recently changed names and the old email addresses are no longer diverting to our new ones. I can't access my live Pro account as it's asking for a security code, which I can't receive. I can't get through to Zoom support as I can't log in to find my credentials.


I've had to set up a new Zoom account to enable me to conduct meetings. I'll have to pay for Pro again but want to cancel my old Pro account. I fear I won't be able to do this as I'll need to be able to log in to my old account, which I can't as explained above. Do you have any suggestion please? I can't find an email address or any method of contacting Zoom apart from on here




I made a payment for upgrading my company account.

But the account was not upgraded, So I made payment again then the account is upgraded now.

However, there was double payment for it. Please let me know solution.