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How to Use Topics and Tags

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How to Use Topics and Tags.


How to Use Topics.

Topics are used within a community to help categorize posts. Topics enable you to categorize the content you write based on the content in the article. For example, in a discussion about  Zoom meetings, you might apply a topic like “virtual backgrounds”. Unlike tags, topics are created by the community admins and are managed for consistency and need. Authors can choose/apply topics from a predefined list. 


  • How do I add a topic to my post?
    • To add a topic to a new post: 
      • Begin by starting a new discussion. 
      • In the Topics field, start typing the topic or choose one from the predefined list underneath Choose a Topic. If you add multiple topics, you must separate them with commas.


  • To subscribe to a topic:

    • When you subscribe to a topic, you will be notified by email when a new post is assigned to that topic.
    • From a particular post assigned to that topic, click on the topic to filter by that topic. (You can also do this from the topics component.)
    • Click Subscribe.
    • Note: You can also configure your subscription settings under SettingsMy Settings > Subscriptions and Notifications > Notification Settings.
    • One thing to note about topics is that they are applied at the node level. Thus, predefined topics and subscriptions to topics exist only at the node at which they are applied. For example, if you subscribe to a topic named 'meeting' at the Meetings board, it will not automatically subscribe you to an identically named topic at the OnZoom board. You will have to subscribe twice, once at each board. 


How to Use Tags

A tag is a single keyword or phrase that describes the topic, theme, or subject of a post. Tagging is a way to help other users discover interesting posts. It's also a way to organize content in the community that you think is related. When you apply tags to a post, you add its value by providing another way for community users to find it. 


  • How to add a tag to a new post?
    • When you are creating a post, enter your tag(s) in the Tags field. If you use multiple tags, separate them by using a comma.


    • Note: You can add as many tags as you want and so can other community members. For example, in a post about Zoom Meetings, you might add these tags: Zoom meetings, chat, phone.
  • How to add a tag to an already published post or comment?
    • Navigate to a post or comment you have authored.
    • Click Add tags.
    • Type your tags (separated by commas) and click Add when you are done.
  • Why do people tag?
    • Some users will tag posts for their own convenience in finding them later. Other users enjoy helping categorize interesting posts for the benefit of the community. 
  • Where are my tags?
    • You can find messages you've tagged by visiting your profile and clicking the tag. 
    • You can also click on a tag on any cloud and look at the Most Tagged section.
  • What is a tag cloud?
    • A tag cloud displays tags used frequently within the community or within an area of the community.
    • The more frequently a tag is used, the larger it appears in the tag cloud. 
    • By looking at a tag cloud, you can get a sense of what the hot topics are in a given area.


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