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Names in chat

The names for my participants in the chat have disappeared. Now it's only a square-ish shape. I previously had names in the chats, so I'm not sure why it changed. Their names still appear in their video on the main screen. I use this for tutoring, so...

Chat Problem on iPadOS

After the recent update, Zoom now makes using external and Bluetooth keyboards harder for iPad users. Now, pressing the “enter” or “return” key on your keyboard doesn’t send your message in Chat. It only opens up new lines to type on. Before the upda...

Cirdan by Listener
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Problem with receiving chat messages

I run daily classes for students and have been successfully using chat with all of my students for several years. Last week, a new problem arose. I can send out chats to everyone and individuals with no problems. But I'm not receiving the response ch...

When Sharing My Screen my Chat Box is disabled

When I am sharing my screen my chat box is disabled. I am sharing a Canva presentation. I want to be able to interact with people but can't in the chat. How do I get this to work? I have tried a few things with no success.

snashdc by Listener
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Chat Participation

I know this is a struggle for all. I have noticed that once one or two participants start responding in chat, the others often feel more encouraged. I would love to have a "fake" person or really a second me to add to chat as another participant rath...

RBrewer by Listener
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List names in audio recording transcript

When reviewing the audio transcript closed caption .VTT file, I noticed there are no names listed in the transcript. Is there a way to enable or list the named for the closed caption transcript for Pro accounts?

chat sounds

is there a setting to enable sounds when each chat is posted during a meeting? I've tried checking the chat sound buttons, but I still don't get any sound when each person posts a chat.

barbf by Listener
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