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Changing/Adding Filters

We previously could add/edit filters to personalize/brand ourselves during meetings. I no longer see the add filter button.

Kpascua by Listener
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Virtual Background

hello, I would like to have my virtual background on when I enter into a meeting without the need to turn it on once I'm already in a meeting. Is this possible?

Feel Like I'm losing my mind face toggle?

Hello, desperately seeking some answers! I feel like I'm going crazy because I had a feature on my previous laptop with zoom, and now that I've exchanged that laptop the feature is gone, and when I search google/here/etc. Nobody mentions this. It's l...

Mic on new computer cuts out when playing instrument

I have a new HP laptop PC with Windows 11 and when I am on a jam session with others they can’t hear the sound of my stringed instrument. Zoom seems to be suppressing the sound even though I have the “Original Sound” turned on. I compared the setting...

Virtual backgrounds

I am using Windows 11 on a 2021 laptop. I enabled virtual backgrounds and selected one of the Zoom provided backgrounds (grass). When I get into a meeting and click the VIDEO icon it says Virtual Background but only shows blur or no blur. What should...

JudyB1 by Listener
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Any music totally blocked since last update

There seems to be,and for some time in the past, been a lot of discussion about how difficult it can be to keep Zoom from blocking sounds you actually want to broadcast. This has had various degrees of impact even on music seen as background noise. S...