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Zoom client on Azure AVD.


Hi there,

We have signed the contract and are almost ready to start setting it up. The question arises - we can run clients (mostly for telephones) on our office computers, laptops and/or Azure AVD. Does anyone have experience with AVD setup? Is Azure AVD recommended and are there any benefits? I found here several old (a year or two ago) posts with complaints. The situation has changed or not? Should we try playing with AVDs or focus on local installations? Thank you in advance.

New Zoom user.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi alexpri,


both zoom and microsoft have recent articles on the subject.


Optimize Zoom on a Windows 365 Cloud PC | Microsoft Learn


Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) (


thanks,  eliot

Hello Eliot,

Thanks for the quick response. I looked through these articles again. MS mentioned and pointed to virtual environments "like MS Cloud PC". MS should know the difference between Cloud PC and AVD, but didn't mention AVD at all. Strange. AVD is more difficult to set up and is designed for hundreds of users. We use the Remote Desktop client, not Windows RDC.

I'd like to hear about any successful or negative experiences using Zoom Phone on Azure AVD. We welcome feedback on administrators' and users' experiences.

Thank you. 


Azure virtual Desktop is not difficult to setup. As far as Zoom, just make sure the local hosts have the VDI plugin installed. It works great on AVD when the local machine is also Windows. On iOS it is crappy so far with my testing; video is choppy and audio lags. I'm hoping Zoom improves this or releases a plugin for iOS.