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Voice being recorded message at start of call (not through Greeting option).


Hi All,

In Australia, it is mandatory that you notify a caller that a call is being recorded. We're currently using an Auto Receptionist with the message attached to the Greeting option. Once this plays, it then hands off to a call queue to route the call correctly. We have to use an AR to ensure the message only plays once on a call as the call queue does have transferred calls etc going to it.


The issue I'm finding is that I'm unable to see how many calls are being abandoned during the message and the extra complexity of having to manage this in a separate space. It would be good if call queues had an option to add a VR message that plays only once on an inbound call.


Does anybody have a better way (note I know you can play the message whilst the call is connected but is not suitable).





Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi james,


You could add a new call queue between the auto receptionist and the existing call queue. This new call queue would play the mandatory recording and then connect to the existing call queue. You would delete the playing of the mandatory recording on the auto receptionist.


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thanks, eliot