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Midwest Real Estate Data uncovers new insight into the customer experience with Zoom platform

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

For Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), a multiple listing service, an unwavering dedication to customer experience is one of its biggest drivers of success. And for Katrina Bressler, this dedication is more than just a job, it’s how she approaches work every day. Having worked at MRED for 17 years in various Help Desk and tech support roles, Katrina now leads the customer experience team with unique insight into common customer issues and the tools needed to deliver quality support to their subscribers.

Katrina depends heavily on technology to enable MRED’s award-winning Help Desk team to provide exceptional customer service to nearly 50,000 subscribers throughout Illinois. When the staff began experiencing audio quality issues that required frequent system rebooting and extended troubleshooting, Katrina knew she needed a more efficient way for her team and subscribers to communicate.

Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center help augment customer experience

MRED already used Zoom Meetings for remote collaboration, so they were eager to adopt a familiar platform after trying several phone providers that didn’t meet their needs.

“We went through four phone systems before trying Zoom Phone, but it’s been the best fit for us,” Katrina said. “We were giving our personal cell phones to vendors and subscribers, but with Zoom Phone, we can give out our business lines for them to text.” 

When Zoom Contact Center was launched, Katrina realized the customer support team would benefit even more by combining their unified communications platform with a contact center.


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Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

I think that the article is well-written and informative! Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center are powerful tools that can be used to improve customer service by serving as tools to help businesses to be more efficient and productive, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

I would recommend this good read to anyone who is looking for ways to innovate their customer service.

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center have been reliable and scalable technology infrastructure for supporting remote work and ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among employees and clients. My favorite add on feature? - Is being able to separate personal calls/SMS from work calls/SMS.