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Not responding to emails and refusing to help

So recently, I’ve been trying to get help regarding a 1130 to error code that I recently received. And due to the complete gross and negligent response times and outlandish lies provided by the customer support team. I have now resulted to asking for...

Contact Center and Virtual assistant

Any Financial Institutions using the Contact Center and Virtual assistant Zoom services? Curious on whether it meets compliance requirements and how you are using Chat/Virtual assistant within your environment.

tgubser by Listener
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End a Callback in a ZCC Queue

We are new to ZCC. Is it possible as a supervisor or admin on the account to end an engagement that's waiting in a ZCC queue? We had a situation where there was a callback waiting in the Q that didn't need to be made, but I couldn't find a way to cle...

ZCC Trainer Flow

Is there a way where a training agent could be setup to automatically join all calls coming into a specific queue? I understand that this could be done through monitoring but the customer wants to automate this when they are onboarding new agents.

UCGuruTCS by Listener | Zoom Partner
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No Internal Agent Voice Call Option

There seems to be no way in Zoom Contact Center for one agent to voice call another agent in ZCC. We have employees physically located in different areas. This was a feature in Five9 that I assumed was standard across the platforms but it seems not.

sdudley by Listener
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