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Find Widget Name in API

Anyone know how to find the widget name through the API? If you review an engagements call path, you can see it on each step of the call, but I can't seem to find anywhere to pull it other than the last widget used in the call (which isn't sufficient...

Voice Queue Summary Report Uncertainity

Hello, I want to be able to report on how many calls were offered (once) and answered, and how many were long abandoned. I use the above mentioned report and would expect that the difference between those offered and handled would be the abandoned lo...

contact center API call

i am using a contact center API to list all the voice calls for the particular queue But i am getting results for all records where queues are null

skumars by Listener
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Zoom Contact Center Audio

GM - Does anyone have the list of audio ports that are necessary to have open on a corporate firewall? Our Zoom Contact Center team has no audio on calls that are arriving. However, Zoom phone seems to work fine.

btrain8 by Listener
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Gathering and displaying Events

Hi, I seem unable to find this feature, so I will assume I'm blind or it does not exist. I'd like to gather and display collected data from the Events that happens during a call within Contact Center. Specifically what IVR menu options a caller selec...

Phone and Contact Center Minute Limits

I understand there are limits per user per month on Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center, based on my invoice having rows for overage costs. I understand where to see the total activity for both of these. What I can't seem to find and neither technical...