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What are Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings are a simplified video conferencing solution for an optimized virtual meeting experience. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Meetings conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Meetings support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Participants freezing

I'm a tutor and I've been using Zoom for the past 4 years. Lately I encountered a problem that I've never ever encountered before. 2 of my students are constantly freezing and leaving the meeting (exactly like it would happen when someone has a conne...

Jo22 by Listener
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Tenemos a 11 usuarios en nuestra cuenta con plan pro.1 de ellos es el usuario principal y el resto son usuarios que actualmente tienen habilitado el plan básico.Aún así, zoom nos pasa facturas por los 11 usuarios.Porque facturas a estos usuarios si l...

Why isn't my voice recorded when I record?

I am trying to screen record my seminar.I am the organizer. There are no conference participants.I am using the free plan right now because we are in the testing phase.Why is there no audio recording when I use the microphone?If anyone knows a soluti...

Confirmation Email to Registrants Error

Has anyone noticed the below issue with Registration? If I schedule a meeting with registration, and then go to Email Settings and try to hit the Edit button next to "Confirmation Email to Registrants", Zoom gives me a "Prompt Unknown Error!" message...


Usage Reports - Not Visible

I've been pulling usage reports for attendance for our sessions since the pandemic started. I know that only the assigned host can see the reports for any account (even if the host is switched during the meeting). I am the host for the majority of ou...

Sharing app screens on Android

Hi I need a help on sharing phone screen on Android. I'm not sure it's about android but evertime I ask people to share their phone screen and show me accessing to the apps they use, the sharing function just stop and only thing I can see through zoo...

Variation of monthly subscription.

Hi folks. I've just noticed that my monthly subscription (£9.59) appears on my paypal account and credit card as £11.51 Anyone any idea why this might be? (Paypal chat is of no use). Grateful for any advice by return. Stay well.

Turner by Listener
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Audio does not work for one organization

I Zoom with four organizations. The audio works fine for three of the meetings, but in the fourth, no one can hear me. I have checked settings and find nothing has changed. I even changed the location in the house for the laptop. No improvement. Any ...

Cut After 40 mins with only 2

Hello, i invite someone to a recorded meeting on yesterday, we were only two online and the session cut at 40 minutes (i need to restart for another one...).Could you please explain me why, i read that it was limited for 3 and more people ?I want to ...

Garyno by Listener
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After update, writing board is not smoothly working.

최근 업데이트가 최악입니다. 그 후, 나는 부드럽게 메모를 쓸 수 없다. 펜으로 빨리 무언가를 쓰면 쓰기 모드가 지워집니다. (마우스 포인트가 클릭 모드로 변경됨 - 더 이상 문자를 write 할 수 없습니다) 이 오류를 보여주는 비디오 클립을 녹화했습니다. 나는 너에게 보여주고 싶다.원래의 viersion에서, 나는 빨리 무언가를 wirte 할 수 있지만, but now I should wirte very slowly. It's not mat...

cool1 by Listener
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