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Registration Attendance log one user was locked out of 110


I use the meeting registration process to "take attendance" at this mandatory meeting.


People seem to have a very hard time understanding this process, but 110 people managed to do it. However, one person says they got an "invalid error" message when they input hte meeting ID.


They may have cut and pasted it from the email with spaces which caused the error.

However, let me first say, that I tell everyone to go the Create an account (if they do not have one), then login using the email pw combo they created.

Once in, they "join" meeting with the ID number in the email. And then follow the steps from there to get into the waiting room. [I do this because people cannot seem to click on a link and then input the zoom password. They do mot seem to know which password they are being asked to provide or something like that]


Anyway, it locked one person out, out of 110. The other weird thing was that she was able to register for the meeting, but not attend the claass. [I found her info on the Regisration Log. But not in the users log]


She also says she reigstered for the meeting and logged in on the same device [Because I know there is a very annoying tendency to block users if it does not recognize the device, even if they have the right password].


I am a little annoyed because I need to be able to rely on the attendance and not worry if someone is scamming me. In this case, I am pretty sure she is telling the truth so where did the process fail?



PS, I also noticed another weird thing. When I output a list of "unique users" one person did not show up. But when I looked at the raw list, they did. Why is that?