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I have a meeting where there will be 2 hosts and they will be throwing commentary back and forth. Is it possible to have both their video on the screen and no one else? This differs fro speaker view I believe because they will both be on screen at th...

Error code 0 when screen sharing via URL, not the app

Hi, I am having the above error message when i attempt to screen share.However, I don't think uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom is appropriate, I am not using Zoom via an app, I am using it via a web browser. Have tried both Edge and Chrome, same is...

Resolved! Participants coming in have the same names

For 2 Zoom meetings now, a number of participants coming in have the same names. Particularly the Co-host's name (my name). During the last meeting, we have 9 participants and at least 3 of them joined in named as "Kim", but others did have their own...

Zoom video virtual background

What are the file requirements for a zoom virtual VIDEO background. I found lots of cool background videos on iStock but the files seem to be too large. Is there a way to change the format of a video to work as a zoom background?

My video won't turn on

Hello everyone, All of sudden the video on my zoom won't seem to run on - I've reinstalled the zoom app and restarted my mac with no luck. Let me know if you have any better ideas 

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Zoom crashes whenever I start my camera

Hello there! For some reason whenever I tried to turn on my camera or add a virtual background, Zoom suddenly crashes or goes on not responding since yesterday. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app but to no avail. This usually happens whene...

Zoom crashing consistently

Greetings, I was attending an online class when Zoom started to crash consistently whenever I tried to join it.After an update, I thought the issue would be resolved, but alas it persisted; I then looked online for answers, and some suggested that ch...