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Help with calendar setup with Zoom Rooms


I've setup a Zoom Room and followed the tutorials on how to integrate a Google Calendar into it, however I'm hit a couple of issues.


1. The way the tutorials show how to book a meeting using the calendar doesn't work for me. The tutorial shows a Rooms tab, I don't see this. I also don't see the "Make it a zoom meeting" button either. Are browser plugins needed? If so which? 

I've figured a work around, which is to invite the room itself in as a Guest. But am just wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

2. When I add an appointment times are always wrong, they appear to always be 5 hours ahead. I've checked the timezones on the calendar, zoom, the ipad controller, the pcs. All are correct, so not to sure what could be causing this issue.


Any advice would be appreciated.