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Routing calls to different devices based on business hours


Our organization is new to Zoom Phone and trying to set up some specific call routing. We have a main auto receptionist that routes to a call queue which currently goes to a single User, who has a desk phone. This User is our main office receptionist who mostly works from the office (but sometimes from home). She does not want to receive work-related calls outside of her business hours, but we also need her office desk phone to ring 24/7 in case of an after-hours event where the desk is staffed by a different person.


I tried to make this happen by setting the User's business hours and then adding different call handling for the our closed hours, but I don't see a way to route calls specifically to the desk phone during closed hours. It appears as an option during open hours, but during business hours, there's only options for the mobile app, desktop app, and Zoom devices. 


Is there a better way to make this happen? I'm not sure if I should be trying this from the call queue or auto receptionist level.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Make the Desk Phone an independent entity (i.e. Common Area Phone) and put both, the Desk Phone  and the User in the Call Queue so the user can "Opt-In/Opt-Out" at will.

The user could "Login" into the Desktop Phone when in the office, and Logout when leaving if needed, but that would be optional unless there is a compelling reason for the user to do so.


I hope this helps,