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Zoom Integration Issue with HubSpot (Meeting Recordings Not Syncing)


We are having an issue where none of our Zoom meeting recordings are syncing to our CRM, HubSpot, anymore. On 3/28/24, our Zoom recordings stopped syncing to HubSpot. After speaking with support, they said we needed to turn on the Zoom Email Authentication setting, but we've never had this setting turned on before (because this would provide a poor user experience), so that can't be why the recordings stopped syncing.


Additionally, we started using the Zoom Workspace Google integration on 3/15, which we've tested and confirmed allows us to circumvent the authentication settings. However, this now competes with the ChiliPiper Zoom link that's created through our ChiliPiper scheduler (this is pictured below in a test meeting I created. The top link is through Zoom Workspace, and the bottom link is through ChiliPiper).


In this test meeting, the recording did sync when the meeting was held through the Zoom Workspace link (top link), but not when it was held through the ChiliPiper link.


We deactivated and uninstalled the Zoom Workspace integration, but this did not fix the issue of the ChiliPiper meeting recordings not syncing.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a way to use Zoom Google Workspace <> ChiliPiper <> HubSpot and have meeting recordings synced automatically without the authentication setting turned on?



This comes down to the integration between Zoom, ChiliPiper and Hubspot. Zoom provides an API but it's up to third parties to built a robust integration. It sounds like there is a gap in the integration when ChiliPiper is used to schedule meetings and hence the recordings do not sync to Hubspot. You could use APIs to spin something up to ensure all recordings are synced to Hubspot (this would be a webhook). If you are not a developer there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that can sync all your Zoom recordings for you.