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Duplicate Calendar Invites


After creating a meeting invite in Google calendar to include a Zoom meeting, I save/send the meeting notice. Then I access the meeting within Zoom to add an alternative host. When I select save, a new meeting invite pops up (which looks like an Outlook invite) and says that the meeting notice has not yet been sent. The meeting already appears on the google calendar, however, are the changes to the alternate host saved if I do not accept the other invite from Outlook? I have been accepting it, but then I have two meeting invites on my calendar. Is there a way to resolve the duplicate invites but confirm that the alternate host in is place?



Google calendar isn't really built to handle alternative hosts. You could remove the extra invite manually when adding an alternative host. Alternatively you can use APIs to add an alternative host while confirming there is an invite on your calendar. If you are not a developer there is a marketplace app, Salepager, for scheduling meetings and handling alternative hosts while syncing to your calendar.