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Emojis randomly float through my zoom window during meetings.


During meetings, an emoji periodically floats through my Zoom screen. My client can see it too and neither of us know what triggered it. It has happened with more than one client. There have been thumbs up and hearts. I use Zoom for healthcare which is supposed to be HIPAA compliant and this makes me nervous. Any insights as to what this is / how to turn it off? 

Thank you! 



the same thing has been happening to me! After reading about it online, it seems to be not a zoom issue but a Mac OS feature called “gestures” which some people may have turned on. I imagine you can ask them to turn it off. I’m weirded out by it as well. 

The feature you reference does not fly across the screen. The gesture feature is only for thumbs up and hand raise, both of which are stationary on the screen and contained within a circle. Here is a link to show you what that looks like, which is not what is being discussed here. .


I found this in a MacForum. It shows how to turn it off using the dropdown from the video icon at the top of your screen. I don't know yet whether it will stay off by default.


I don't know whether Zoom or Apple decided this was a cute idea, but I have to disagree with whoever it was.

There is something different going on. An emoji flying across the screen, right to left, that both of us saw. Gesture emojis are contained in a circle and stationary. 

Yes indeed. Perhaps ABCS isn't using the same version we we are. They are a new thing: AI emojis that respond automatically to gestures made by meeting attendees, and they are very, very annoying. They seem to be on by default, but they can be turned off using the dropdown green video icon in the upper left. Choose "Reactions" and make sure it's not illuminated green. 

Not all of them are circled/stationary. If you give a thumbs up, that's as you describe, but if someone makes a heart with their hands, the resulting red emoji hearts go all over the screen. Same with balloons if you do a different gesture (can't remember which one triggers those).


Either way, turning off the setting as suggested can't hurt, whereas assuming it's incorrect just leaves you with the problem.


Hello everyone! 


These are most likely Apple video reactions that can be disabled by following the steps outlined here:


I hope this helps!

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
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Hi Carla,


Thanks for sharing the insights about Apple devices. Is the same feature of providing floating reactions is there for windows as well or not ?

In our meetings, We liked this option but could not find how to enable them on Windows devices.


Thank you so much in advance for your assistance!




Hi @CBBSAvinashRa0 thank you for posting in the Zoom Community!


There is not currently a similar functionality with Windows that I am aware of. However, within Zoom you can enable animated reactions for the following emojis: 

      • Clapping Hands 
      • Thumbs Up 
      • Heart 


      • Tears of Joy 
      • Open Mouth 
      • Party Popper (Tada, Celebration) 

Learn more here:


Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?