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What are Zoom Mail and Calendar?

The Zoom Mail and Calendar Clients allow you to view and manage your emails, as well as schedule and manage your calendar events, directly from the Zoom desktop client, further centralizing all your meeting, phone, chat, whiteboard, email, and calendar needs in one application. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Mail and Calendar support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Bug in Alterternative Host

When I use the Zoom Chrome plugin, a person is notified they are an alternative host when I schedule from Google Calendar and click the "Make it a Zoom Meeting". I did this for one meeting, but now they get notified for EVERY meeting. How do I keep t...

iPad app wont fully login

I am trying to log into zoom on my new IPad and it will log in on the small browser window that launches when I click login but it will not transition out of the window to the app itself. Verified all updates (device and app), deleted app etc. and st...

How create Zoom calendar if I'm using MacOS

I'd like to sync my Apple macOS Calendar with my Zoom MacOS desktop client. I clicked on the link to connect my calendar, and it presents me with a dialog box where I can either Create Zoom CalendarSign in with GoogleSign in with Microsoft I clicked ...

Outlook Plug in for Outlook on a Mac

Hi, I live in both a Windows and Mac environment. I have been using the Zoom Outlook Plug in for scheduling my appoints directly from my Outlook calendar. With the latest update, the Plug In disappeared, It's impossible to use the chat bot on Zoom it...

Connecting Calendar

Hello, I want to connect my calendar, but I keep getting an error message. It says: "Add-failed. The calendar-related access permissions are not allowed." I want to have a link to send to my clients so that they can make appointments in my calendar, ...

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