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Email Link to meeting is wrong

Is anyone else having this issue? When I create a new meeting using the Zoom PC app, and click on schedule, I can create the meeting add my guests and then hit "save". at this point the zoom app opens an outlook window to save and send the invite. Ho...

Creating an .ics or invite to add to calendar

Hi, Struggling to find an option that lets me email people with a scheduled zoom link, allowing them to add an .ics or add to calendar link. The pages and instructions I've followed don't seem to give current advice.Such as: Enabling webinar email IC...

vmh by Listener
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How create Zoom calendar if I'm using MacOS

I'd like to sync my Apple macOS Calendar with my Zoom MacOS desktop client. I clicked on the link to connect my calendar, and it presents me with a dialog box where I can either Create Zoom CalendarSign in with GoogleSign in with Microsoft I clicked ...

Connecting Calendar

Hello, I want to connect my calendar, but I keep getting an error message. It says: "Add-failed. The calendar-related access permissions are not allowed." I want to have a link to send to my clients so that they can make appointments in my calendar, ...

KWDY18 by Listener
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