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Welcome to the Community Social Corner!

The Community Social Corner is a space for Zoom users to socialize with fellow community members from across the globe. Connect with users through everyday wins, success stories, favorite features, creative techniques, and more. Share fun, engaging, and collaborative stories in your use of Zoom. This is a space meant for YOU!

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New to all of the comments in Zoom Community. Not sure if I chose the right subject in time I will get this right. My next thought is towards the badges and because I am trying to learn the Community Blog Area I thought it would be nice to learn or a...

Zoom Adopting "Z" as Business Logo.

I am disappointed that Zoom has decided to use "Z" as their business Logo. This is very insensitive considering Russia has used this ZStika symbol in their Aggression against Ukraine. And is now threatening Europe and the world with nuclear weapons u...

PT7 by Listener
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Zoom logo

Dear Zoom.We recently pointed out that your logo, which is the letter 'Z', after the rebranding, too closely resembles the letter 'z', which is used by the russian occupiers in Ukraine. Could you please consider changing the look of your logo to a mo...

Sawczuk by Listener
  • 4 replies

i reached participant rank!

I finally reached participant rank! thank you all for the support and everything you've done to get me to this level. I can't believe in just 6 months I have reached this level. thank you all again. (^3^)

What Is Your Favorite Season?

Hi Zoomers! As the seasons are preparing to change, I have to ask this... What is your favorite season and why? ☃️ Tell us in the replies below  -- As fall is quickly approaching here in Tennessee, I'm getting so excited! Fall is honestly my fav...

Bri by Zoom Moderator
  • 16 replies

Celebrating 100K Community Posts!

Hi Zoomers! I am thrilled to announce that the Zoom Community has reached a whopping 100,000 posts!  100,000 posts from all of you brilliant minds out there who have shared your knowledge, helpful tips, and experiences using Zoom. From practical ti...

Bri by Zoom Moderator
  • 1 replies