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Welcome to the Community Social Corner!

The Community Social Corner is a space for Zoom users to socialize with fellow community members from across the globe. Connect with users through everyday wins, success stories, favorite features, creative techniques, and more. Share fun, engaging, and collaborative stories in your use of Zoom. This is a space meant for YOU!

Recent Activity

What Is Your Favorite Season?

Hi Zoomers! As the seasons are preparing to change, I have to ask this... What is your favorite season and why? ☃️ Tell us in the replies below  -- As fall is quickly approaching here in Tennessee, I'm getting so excited! Fall is honestly my fav...

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  • 16 replies

Celebrating 100K Community Posts!

Hi Zoomers! I am thrilled to announce that the Zoom Community has reached a whopping 100,000 posts!  100,000 posts from all of you brilliant minds out there who have shared your knowledge, helpful tips, and experiences using Zoom. From practical ti...

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Zoom and ServiceNow: Working together to bring people together

Working together to bring people together 欄 The Zoom Community team would like to recognize the amazing work being done by our Zoom Community Champions. One of our Zoom Employee Community Champions, @Steph , recently collaborated to produce this insi...

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Introduce myself

Hi everyone.  My name is Mags. I'm from the North West of England and I am new to the Zoom Community.I have been using Zoom for the past 3 years and I really enjoy the experience the platform has given me. However I do get stuck about a few things s...

Happy New Year to the Zoom Community! NEW YEAR!  The Zoom Community Team would like to express our gratitude toward each and every one of you for making 2022 such a successful year for our community! This year we grew to over 190,000 community members, and we ar...

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  • 2 replies

Celebrating 200K Members!!!

It's time to celebrate!!  The Zoom Community team is excited to share that we have hit the HUGE milestone of 200,000 community members. It is impressive to see how quickly our community has grown in a little under one and a half years! However, th...

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