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Haven't logged in since signing up in 2023, getting impossible account violations


I signed up for Zoom in 2023. I didn't log in or use the account. I forgot about it. In January 2024, I got an email saying I violated terms of service and was suspended. This is impossible..because I hadn't logged in since signing up. I appealed and said this and account was reinstated. I didn't need to use Zoom so still hadn't logged in since signing up. Now since April, I have been getting back to back emails about account violations even though I haven't logged into Zoom since signing up.

I am getting tired of the emails and am considering further action because Zoom can't tell me I broke rules if I haven't even logged in. I would like an actual human and not automated Zoom replies. Zoom already had to send me a check for violating the law, so I don't mind getting paid again to stop being harassed.