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About Zoom AI Companion

Regarding Zoom AI CompanionI have checked and it is my understanding that this feature can be turned on or off for the entire plan, but is it possible to turn it on or off for each individual account?Also, is it possible to separate the accounts as i...

Resolved! AI Companion tool not showing in Whiteboard

I'm using a Zoom Pro account, and although I can enable and use the other AI Companion tools, the AI Companion button does not appear when I'm working in a whiteboard. I've tried following the Support Center steps to enable it, but when I go to Accou...

Zoom AI companion

I am trying to find the answers to couple of questions regarding AI companion that I read from the following article - https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/16269138857229-How-Zoom-IQ-free-trial-features-handle-your-data- 1. How long does Zoom st...