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Setting up Zoom AI for just me

I am an admin for our company Zoom account, and wanted to turn on Zoom AI just on my account, but not any other accounts within the organization. Is this possible? I turned on some of the switches and now under the "AI Companion Management" I am seei...

Can alternative hosts also receive Meeting Summaries?

Hello, I am working at my company's IT department and am collecting questions for our users' reference. If the original creator of the meeting were to assign another individual as an alternative host with AI Companion/Meeting Summary on, will the alt...

jarcala by Listener
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Resolved! Zoom meeting summary retention policy

How long does Zoom store a meeting summary? I'm using the Zoom Meetings REST API endpoint to fetch the meeting summary of a meeting instance. It'll be helpful to know what's the retention policy for the same. The endpoint I'm using is - GET `/meeting...

AgniB by Listener
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