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receiving H.323 calls. on a zoom room enbled device . POLY x series


I have good number of Poly x50s/30s in my environment. all these systems have specific h323 addresses assigned to them.  

In native Poly mode I can have incoming calls via the assigned addresses. 

in Zoom Mode I cannot call into these devices using the assigned addresses. 

is there something I am missing in the settings? do they need to be provisioned for this to still work? 


also, when switched to Zoom as the provider the device loses some features. is this something that will be available in the near future? mostly the remote monitoring feature at least would be great to have.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

PolyOS and Zoom Rooms Provider modes will most likely never have feature parity - the idea with Zoom Rooms is to have as close to an identical experience from device-to-device as possible, so the feature-set will follow what is available on ZR for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android (Neat, Poly, some Crestron, some DTEN, Logitech).


You will not get individual SIP addresses for Zoom Rooms, but will enter the meeting's SIP address (even for point-to-point). If an individual or Zoom Room starts a meeting, it generates a meeting ID, which will have SIP information if SIP is enabled on your account.


Personally, I think the X30s and X50s are buggy AF in Zoom mode, but the real win is a unified UI experience for your users. Many of the issues lie on the Zoom software side (we have many tickets open with Zoom AND Poly engineering), and Zoom development does not have the headcount, attention, or desire to implement 'non-critical' fixes for individual subsets of Android appliances.