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One month duration limit on reports in Zoom Webinars


Hi all, I am frustrated by the very limited reporting functionality in Zoom.


1) The one-month maximum report duration for filtering webinars is so limited as to be an obstacle. It is random and useless to limit the user to a one-month view of all of the webinars you have set up if you schedule webinars many months in advance. I schedule up to 20 webinars six months in advance and cannot pick from more than one month at a time. Is there ever any hope that this limitation will be removed or increased?  (See image below.)


2) It is also quite frustrating to only be able to search webinars by the webinar ID, and not the title or other keywords related to the webinar. Who has memorized id numbers?  (See image below.)


Generally, the reporting functionality seems to have been designed with a case use of a customer who only plans one webinar at a time or very few. I feel like Zoom focused so much on the in-session webinar participants' user experience, and very little on the experience of the actual customer, the administrators who have to manage the logistical aspects of webinars. 


limits on reporting in Zoom Webinars.PNG