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Zoom Pro vs Zoom Business


I pay for both Zoom Pro and ZoomISO (Liminal bought by zoom)... Currently, it limits to 720p, I don't use 90% of the features, not mail, calendar, cloud, essentials, whiteboard... etc. I have been told that in order to have 1080p, I need to purchase the 2700/year account for 10 licenses! I'm already paying $1067.84CAD as it stands for 1 user... Does anybody at Zoom find it bizarre that a freelancer who already pays zoom for what amounts to 3 users of the business level, uses none of the existing features nor the ones on the business level, get less quality?


Zoom Pro = $200CAD/year

ZoomISO = $867.84CAD/year

1 user for 720p = $1067.87CAD/year


Zoom Business = $270CAD/year (Requires 10 users) $2700CAD/year

ZoomISO = 867.84/year

10 users + 1 ISO user for 1080p = $3567.84CAD/year


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow us to segment the available options. No whiteboard, team calls, etc... just allow us to pay for full HD. We are the ones encouraging and using Zoom in professional and business environments. We are the ones trying to get governments and educational institutions away from MSTeams... Not all of us have massive production house teams that need to be provided accounts.


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Community Champion | Customer


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Yea... I've been submitting for the last 2 years into that black hole, proving my email address each time but there has been zero responses or reaction from that portal. My hope in posting here is to have a conversation with other users about their needs and if they are met. With a form portal like the one you posted, there is little accountability for zoom in responding or engaging in conversation or feedback.


Everytime I message out to any form, chat, email, social, here... Zoom always pushes me to that form. And that form is not a solution nor does it even provide an acknowledgement.


So @Frank_TB… Nearly a month now and no responses or reactions from even the submission I did then. Mark that as yet another instance of submitting something with zero response from that form. Also, contacting sales resulted in a response stating that cloud recording with 1 participant works but that video will be scaled to suite people’s screens. CLEARLY a copy/paste response intended for non-technical people and after my followup with that pointing out the faults in the logic of how billing and the plans work, I get not so much as a response.


It would seem from the lack of communication and the drive to non-public-based feedback, that Zoom simply doesn't care about individuals and would rather focus on providing unused yet billable feature sets to enterprise clients.