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Does availability automatically update after a booking?


Hi there, I just started using Zoom Scheduler (it's been awesome so far).


I have a question; I have created 6-7 one-off meeting links to share with people and there is some crossover with the slots I selected on my calendar. If Person A books one of these slots, when Person B clicks on their link, will the slot I selected still be one of the available options even though it's been booked over? Or will Zoom automatically remove that slot.





Welcome to the Zoom Community @ddlawson-wiz! We sincerely appreciate your contribution to bringing up this issue and sharing it with the community. Such participation is highly encouraged, as it allows other users to provide solutions and assistance.

If a time slot in a one-to-one booking schedule has already been booked, it will no longer appear as available. Attendees may be able to add additional guests when booking, depending on the host's settings.

Thank you, and have a fantastic day!

Hey @MGSR ! Seems like there may be a bug here as I had a customer try to book a slot which has been booked over and they shared the following image:

(Booking Error: Requested time slot busy in slotFreeBusyCheck)

Thank you for the reference. Kindly submit a ticket for our engineers to review this issue. Thank you!